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Each month we’ll feature a device screen of a trainer’s device showing what apps come to hand in their everyday work.

Digital tools, web-apps and applications are an inevitable part of our lives nowadays. They support our social life, daily activities, and, of course, our work. Get a sneak peek of a training professional’s secret tools that ease their tasks and be inspired to add more useful apps on your own device!

Martin Zwick, CEO of Business Professional Academy

My daily most used digital tools, besides calendar and mail apps, are “Good Notes”, which is perfect to work with PDFs, writing notes and sharing them with my team. In combination with “Zoom” it is tremendously easy to do web meetings and develop training concepts and planning straight away. In Leadership trainings, I’m using ActExs quite extensively. It provides me with the full range of tools to do my photo documentation and add notes directly on the spot even together with my participants. Noteworthy as well is the feedback feature of ActExs, where participants can leave their feedback for my sessions and even for single presentations or slides. This helps me to improve my trainings and get connected with my participants. “Zoho CRM”, “Trello” and “Project Indicator” help me to be connected and have access to all the essential numbers / information about my team and our business.

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